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Owning Your Space. Knowing Your Boundaries

Taking space and nourishing boundaries are extremely important topics to address in our spatial practice if we want to stay healthy and connected to life's endless possibilities. With this 3h-workshop, on Friday, May 17th I am offering a safe space for you to explore your limitation patterns and reconnect to the joy of taking space and nourishing your limits.

The school of impermanence offers, through mentoring, a support system for professionals in architecture, planning, urban design and related fields.

Join a community of like-minded, caring professionals from the field and find ongoing support for your own practice in the regular monthly meetings. Through one-on-one coaching, I can work with you on your own unique transformational path towards a meaningful spatial practice. Different group workshops offer inspiration and guidance for your process as a spatial practitioner in current times of crisis and uncertainty. 
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Become a patron and join a like-minded community of architects

There is so much power in connection, and we really don’t need to be alone on the path of creating meaningful spaces. Join our monthly online meetings and find the support group for your unique professional path.


The 1:1 coaching is perfect for you if you wish to find clarity in your current professional situation, gain confidence to realise your inner calling and take self-leadership in life. In this intense format, I can support you in taking the courage to make a difference through your own unique spatial practice without seeking confirmation from the outside.


Get inspiration and step-by-step guidance to transform your spatial practice. Join the group workshops on specific topics and work on your own unique process, guided by me and supported by the group.

Anna Kokalanova sitting at a table and looking to the side.
Hello, I am Anna. Trained as an architect and urban planner, I bring long experience from 15 years of practice, research and teaching. I know that it can be draining and exhausting to find a path within the discipline that is fulfilling and, at the same time, acknowledged. My innermost wish is to create a space for supporting you in this process and offer a frame for people to support each other. This is why I founded the school of impermanence. 
  • I always look forward to the inspiring, relieving and insightful sessions in the school of impermanence. It’s a gift to interact with like-minded people, to share the problems of our challenging profession and to encourage each other. During the program "Ways towards the own spatial practice" Anna guided us through the process with warmth, kindness, understanding, curiosity and the ability to assist us to move forward. She created a space for open and honest communication. The fact that Anna herself changed her architectural practice makes her particularly credible. The meetings were very well prepared and followed up. There were always invitations / suggestions to go deeper on our own (or in a smaller group) - as a free decision without pressure. With the help of exercises, tools and discussions I have achieved more clarity about my values and feel encouraged to make a change in my own spatial practice. I’m more confident now about my future and about the redesign of the role of architects and planners in general.

    Wenke Schladitz (architecture, dance)

  • Anna has a gift for holding caring space, fostering genuine connection, and enabling creative unfoldings. "Ways towards the own spatial practice" was a thoughtfully and beautifully designed program with a rich and playful toolbox of methods for finding alignment between ourselves, our values, and our practice. I would highly recommend the school of impermanence for anyone looking to find more depth, joy, and embodiment in what they do (or might like to do) and how they do it.

    Mellissa Harrison (architecture, research, somatic practice)

  • Anna's mentoring program "Ways towards the own spatial practice" within the school of impermance has been a journey of wonderful explorations and productive encounters. While diving into inspirations, indicating support structures, envisioning professional goals, defining values, and browsing financial possibilities, I could exchange thoughts, fears and hopes, share moments of (self-)empowerment and become part of an emerging support community of like-minded practitioners.

    Kristin Laz (architecture, urban practice)

  • The school of impermanence brings together a caring and supporting group of creative practitioners in one (digital)room, diverse in experience but relating in content; pooling energies and perspectives to collectively go in search of their own spatial practice. Within all this there is Anna as an empowering and grounding guide, providing rhythm, structure and inputs in each session and support, care and a different angle of thought throughout the whole process. I come out with a practice still (and always) in flux but am now ready to take more seriously, develop further and materialize, appreciating the different perspectives and tools of a support structure beyond my existing professional networks.

    Antonia Lembcke (architecture, urban design, research)

  • I appreciated the support I received through the School of Impermanence since it coincided with a particular crossroads in my life. I was occupied with the questions of the resilience of my practice in academia and sought to build more durable connections and bridges with activism. The six-week program offered a systematic and well-thought-through framework in this respect. Anna was a skillful mentor during this journey; she articulated things clearly and was always attentive during and beyond our sessions. I also appreciated the openness of people and the trustful and respectful sharing environment in the meetings. Committing to the group and the program: "ways towards the own spatial practice"- even briefly- positively encouraged me to take the first steps. Thank you once again, Anna, and everyone who was involved!

    Gözde Sarlak-Krämer (researcher, educator in urban planning, urban design, and architecture)

  • Taking part in the program „Ways towards the own spatial practice“ was a very special and dear experience. Anna guided us with questions, helpful tasks and through group exchange towards finding and shaping our own vision of a spatial practice that would fit our needs and values. In a cooperative approach rather than in top-down lessons we all stepped into how to find and connect to our values, draft ideas and even went wild with envisioning our and other´s dreams. Personally, for the first time I dared to say out loud what I would love to build up, to think more specific about how to organize it, who would be involved, what I have to offer and who would profit from my knowledge. The program came in the right time to seed an idea and I´m very curious how my own spatial practice will now grow and develop leaves, will bloom and eventually bear yummy fruits to share and enjoy.

    Kami Hatler (landscape architecture, bodywork)

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