Hello, I am Anna. It is my innermost wish to support people in trusting and developing their unique inner qualities as architects and spatial practitioners.

Anna Kokalanova sitting on a table in front of a computer.
I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. After finishing high school, I moved to Germany to study architecture at the Bauhaus University Weimar. Searching for a process- and people-oriented approach towards spatial production, I also made a master’s degree in urban planning and urban development at the HafenCity University Hamburg.

My professional experience includes being a project coordinator for the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg GmbH, where I worked on the intersection of project development, planning and participation. My expertise was further developed in 10 years of research, teaching and curatorial practice at the HafenCity University Hamburg, Technical University Vienna and University of the Arts Berlin. Working for institutions, I was explicitly interested in forming the intersection between the university and the city, between institutions and civil society. This interest brought me to projects like future.lab TU Vienna, Floating University Berlin and Making Futures. During my practice I have founded and worked with many collectives like space department, fux eG, raumlabor berlin, zuloark and Kaleidoskop Südpark.
Anna Kokalanova sitting on a chair
During my teaching at the University of the Arts Berlin, I found out how fulfilling it is to support people in trusting and developing their unique inner qualities as architects. Supporting the  alignment of personal development with the architectural project has become my passion.
The field of architecture is still defined by economic profit, quantitative measures and engineering skills. I was seeking a practice that directly supports people and unfolds possible futures that are more human and ecological. From my own experience, I know that it can be draining and exhausting to find a path within the discipline that is fulfilling and, at the same time, acknowledged. My innermost wish is to create a space for supporting you in this process and offer a frame for people to support each other. This is why I founded the school of impermanence.

2001-2006 Architecture Bauhaus University Weimar

2006-2009 Urban Planning and Urban Development HafenCity University Hamburg

2022 Fluentbody Academy with Florencia Lamarca Berlin

2023 Systemic Coaching workshops Methodenwerkstatt with Sonja Umstätter and Heike Kuhl, Coaching Laden Berlin

Professional Experience

Since 2009 freelance with collectives space department, TWIMC, raumlabor berlin

2011-2013 International Buildung Exhibition IBA Hamburg GmbH

2013-2014 HafenCity University Hamburg, Metropolitan Culture, Prof. Gesa Zimer

2014-2017 TU Vienna, future.lab, Prof. Rudolf Scheuvens

2017-2022 University of the Arts Berlin, Building Planning and Design, Prof. Markus Bader