Impermanent Stories
from architects and planners who navigate outside the classical career path

In this podcast, we listen to the personal and moving stories of architects and planners who dare to expand the limits of the discipline.

Instead of concentrating on their outstanding projects, we talk about the professional and personal process of decision-making behind their spatial practice. I want this podcast to show the reality behind being a spatial practitioner in current times of crisis and uncertainty. The conversations will be personal, making the vulnerable side of life-changing, brave professional decisions visible. The guests will be people who inspire me, confuse me, and teach me. Together we all make spaces differently, and we don’t need to be alone on that path.

Join the live conversations with guests each month

Patrons from the tiers "Inspiration & Transformation" and "Agency & Action" can join the live conversations online via zoom and engage in a direct and intimate conversation with the guests