Self care is a collective act and we don’t need to be alone on the path of creating meaningful spaces.

People working with wood in front of a building in nature surrounding.
While one of the best things about studying architecture is the creative collective atmosphere of the design studio, the reality of the professional practice seems to be competition and a lack of time to look outside the own screen. That reality often leads to depression, burn-out and drop-out. Yes, I’ve been there as well and I found out:
There is so much power in connection and we really don’t need to be alone on the path of creating meaningful spaces. That’s why I invite you to become a patron and join a like-minded community of architects.

Why you should join our monthly online meetings?

Each month I host two online meetings to check in, share and support each other. The regular exchange with the same group of professionals will increase your mental health and give you the courage to transform your practice.
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making futures school 2019, © Lena Giovanazzi

Join the community

All meetings are online via zoom, and you can join them from any place in the world. You can choose between three tiers:

Community & Support

With the Community & Support tier (only 7,50 Euro/month), you can support the school and join a monthly Jour Fixe meeting with all patrons. After an exchange, there will be an opportunity to discuss specific questions you are interested in small groups and get feedback on your current project and ideas.

Inspiration & Transformation

Patrons from the level Inspiration & Transformation (18,50 Euro/month) will additionally have the unique opportunity to engage directly in a special live conversation with the guests from the podcast Impermanent Stories. On top patrons from this tier will receive 10% off from all SOI workshops and SOI masterclass. 

Agency & Action

Patrons from this tier (27,50 Euro/month) benefit from all Inspiration & Transformation level content and can bring their spatial practice to the next level with a FREE 1:1 session with me after every 6 months of membership.

Become a patron and join the community now

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design studio "Arrival Infrastructures" UdK Berlin 2017, © Anna Kokalanova