Love & Architecture

What love has to do with it? On Friday, February 16th 10am – 1pm (CET), I am offering a special Valentine's Day workshop on Love and Architecture. Join me to reflect on your current practice from a loving perspective and gain inspiration on how to boost more love into your spatial practice, wherever you are.
We share the desire for belonging and mutual connection when we speak about love, mainly in a romantic relationship. Inspired by bell hooks and the spiritual teachings of Indian yogic philosophy, I want to share a different perspective on love that is powerful and transformative. This perspective is inclusive and liberating and can uplift your practice to become more meaningful and fulfilling.

The workshop includes:

– input on three main dimensions of love within the practice of spatial production.
– connecting with like-minded people in a safe space I hold.
– practical inspirations on including love in your professional life as a spatial practitioner.
– a recording and handout to return to the practice whenever needed.

In this three-hour workshop, you will learn:

– how to find your own definition of love in the field of architecture
– how to sustain loving practice in your professional life
– how to find fulfilment in your professional life by choosing love
– to gain confidence in creating your own practice of love
„When we love we can let our hearts speak.“ bell hooks
The workshop is online on zoom on February 16th, 10am – 1pm (CET). You can join from any place in the world. After the workshop, you will receive a recording and handout that are yours to keep forever and return to the practice when needed.