Writing a project brief

Do you have an idea for a spatial practice project and need support with putting it down on paper and taking the following steps to realize it?
This workshop series contains input on three different approaches for writing down a project brief - the curatorial, the academic and the business approach. You will learn the differences between the three and how to structure your concrete project brief according to the field in which you are positioning yourself. The core of this workshop series lies in writing. In each live group meeting, you will be invited through concrete exercises to invest time and effort between the meetings into writing down your project outline. At the end of the short workshop series, you will have a written project brief, which you can use further to apply for funding, a PhD position, or start concrete collaborations. 

This workshop is for you if you:

- are a professional in architecture, urban design, spatial practice and related fields
- have a concrete idea about a project (research or praxis) in this field
- wish to realize your project in the near future

By the end of this workshop, you will: 

- have a written project brief, which you can use further to apply for funding, a PhD position, or start concrete collaborations 
- find support and connection with a community of like-minded professionals
- gain confidence to step into realizing your own project idea
Put your idea into paper for funding, reseach or business.

The workshop series includes:

All meetings are online via zoom, and you can join them from any place in the world.

2 x 30-45min 1:1 sessions with me

Fr/Sa 1.12./2.12. on-board 1:1 session
In this on-board individual session, I will give you first feedback on your project idea and help you set an intention for your own writing process.

Fr/Sa 5.1./6.1. check-out 1:1 session 
In this session, after the last group meeting, I will support you in gaining clarity about how to continue after the workshop series.

Exact times will be individually arranged with a calendar link.

3 x 3 hours group sessions
Fridays, 10am – 1pm (CET)

All group sessions contain input, discussion and feedback on your writing.

Fr, 8.12. General project brief structure and your Why - connecting to your intrinsic motivation

By the end of week 1, you will learn different possibilities to structure your project brief. You will connect to your unique intrinsic motivation and make it explicit in your writing.

Fr, 15.12. Your What - clarifying the aim and the strategy of the project

In this group meeting, you will get feedback and clarity about your outline according to your future audience and field. During week 2, the writing exercise will contain putting down the clear aim and strategy of the project based on the rationale and your motivation.

Fr, 22.12. Your How - making precise the methodologies and the plot of the project

At the end of week 3, the group will give feedback to each other on the concrete steps of the project, its methodologies, forms and content. By the end of the workshop, you will have a solid draft of your project brief for further use towards its realization.

workbook and recordings

The group sessions will contain input and will be accompanied by step-by-step invitations to work individually on writing your brief during the week between the meetings. The workbook and the recordings of the input are yours to keep forever, and you can use the instructions any time you feel like you need a re-view of your project brief.

1 x group call three months later

Fr, 5.4. 10 am (CET)
In this follow-up group call, we will check in on where we are three months after the workshop. What has changed? What stayed the same?

Places are limited. The enrollment will close on 29. Novemebr or as soon as it sells out.