Trust your Why

The alignment with our inner and outer why gives us purpose and joy of fulfilment. Do you sometimes ask yourself why I am doing this work? Do you wish for more joy and inner fulfilment in your spatial practice?
Architecture and spatial practice are complex practices that initiate change in the current situation. This can be a gift when we find our purpose and a great burden when we struggle to align our inner world with external actions.

Our system and discipline teach us to externalize and objectify our actions. We often don't trust our personal why, thinking it might be irrelevant. This separation leads to internal fights and burnout and, simultaneously, to a poor quality of architectural work that could produce more inequality and pollution.

This workshop is for you if you:

- are a professional in architecture, urban design, spatial practice and related fields
- wish inner fulfilment and joy in your work
- search for a deeper purpose in your practice
- search for alignment of your inner world and external actions
- want to end 2023 anchored and grounded

By the end of this workshop, you will: 

- find trust in your own why, disregarding outer projections
- gain confidence to follow your intrinsic motivation
- gain the courage to show up and stand for your why
- connect to a like-minded community

Friday, 22.12. 2–5pm (CET)

This 3-hour workshop combines embodiment practice, input and exchange in the group. It will take place online via zoom, and you can join from any place in the world. After the workshop, you will get a recording to re-align with your why anytime.

If you can´t participate live, you will get a recording.